You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to enjoy having a few (or a few dozen) of your friends over for drinks or dinner. Whether you’re trying to impress or just aiming for an intimate evening, Control4 helps you take entertaining to the next level. Consider the possibilities. Entertainer  
  • Gather your foodie friends and host a cooking party in your kitchen. The scene will be set for cooking with fun, music and bright lights while everyone preps the meal.
  • For dinner, push a button and the lights dim, jazz music tees up and you’re ready to enjoy an evening of delicious food and stimulating conversation.
  • Your entire home can pitch in and help—even your kitchen appliances. With an automation-aware refrigerator, your icemaker can go into “Party" mode, producing ice almost as fast as you use it.
  • Throw a summer swimming pool party in your back yard. Set the scene so the fans are on, music is playing on the outdoor speakers, and the yard lights come up automatically as the sun goes down.
  • Treat your friends with kids to a rare grown-up dinner party—no babysitters required. The adults can relax upstairs with nice music, great food and drinks, comfortable lighting and conversation that does not involve cartoon characters, while keeping a virtual “eye” on the kids downstairs. Video intercom lets you make sure the mayhem is kept to a minimum while you enjoy an exceptional adult night in.
  • Host a movie premier for friends and family, whether it’s your dedicated home theatre or just your living room with a few extra chairs. Start the movie with a single touch as the lights dim and surround sound kicks in.

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