Home Automation offers the seamless integration of all your everyday electronic systems into one, easy to use solution. Whether it is security, audio, video or lighting, we have it covered. With one button your home can go into sleep mode, locking doors, setting alarm and switching off unneeded lights or equipment. Forgot to close the garage door? No matter, do it from your smart device anywhere, any time. Set the vacation mode and the house will mimic your movements as if you are there, switch lights on and off and best of all, warn you whenever there is a problem. learn-img-1
Friends coming over and need to set the mood? No problem - one button and we can transform from lounge to disco in no time. Because our automation solutions are based on your lifestyle, there is no one solution. Each system is tailored to its owner. Not only does that allow you to have it the way you want, it fits perfectly into what you need from the system. To best see what we can do for you, watch the automation in action:  

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