Congratulations! You have decided to automate and have a rough idea of what the system will be able to do for you. As the projects range in complexity, estimates are now put together by our sales team to ensure you get the system you want. Once final changes has been done and you are happy with the proposal we sit down with your architect, electrical engineer and building contractor. All of them play an integral part in your home and as such, your new automation system. Any specific requirements are then discussed with the relevant people and our designers draw up a conduit layout. This layout is done in AutoCAD and the architects can incorporate them into any future revisions they print. Once again, this is discussed with the building and electrical contractors to ensure the correct conduits are put in place. Our technical teams then start with wiring to ensure that should there be any problems with conduits being broken or blocked that the problem can be resolved with minimal set back to contractors on site.   learn-img-1
The second phase of installation allows our technical teams to trim cable ends as well as terminate and test them properly to ensure no problems once the building is complete. As the equipment will get damaged in the building phase, we only start physical installation once the painters are finished and the house can be completely locked at the end of each day. All equipment will be unpacked and mounted in their respective areas of use. Once this has been done, our programmer starts with putting all the systems together. Here we require some of your time to set up lighting scenes as well as creating playlists and various other scenes. (holiday, security etc.) Once the programmer has completed we do final snagging and then hand you the remote to the system of your dreams. Contact us here to begin your planning learn-img3

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